Brilliant Villas: Our Philosophy

At Brilliant Villas, we turn the spotlights on Greek villas especially addressed to luxury travelers.

To build our collection, we visited and evaluated hundreds of villas and selected the most stunning ones based on authenticity, intimacy, charm and location.  Handpicked one by one, our villas combine unsurpassable luxury and privacy with exceptional services.  Each villa has a different story to tell but they all meet strict criteria of luxury and privacy.  Most of our villas are private homes whose owners have built and decorated them entirely in accordance with the local architecture and the surrounding landscape.  
You can choose among beachfront villas with concierge, private jetties, boats and full staff, historic village restored mansions and minimal hilltop villas with stunning view.  No matter your choice, you can be sure that what you see in our brochures is what you will find when you arrive.  
If, however, you are uncertain about your choice of destination or luxury villa, we encourage you to contact our team of experts who have spent several weeks staying in our villas and are able to identify and cater to any of your needs.  As our name suggests, at Brilliant Villas our aim is to put all of our energy into exceeding your highest expectations and achieving the extraordinary!!!

Brilliant Villas welcomes you and challenges you to let us craft an extraordinary luxury villa holiday experience in Greece.